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John W. Walker

Verified Amazon Reviewer

As the father of an "Aspie" I have found so much information in such a small read. My wife and I learned the HARD way at first, back in the 1990's not knowing what or even how to help. Dave's weekly letter helped and we became avid and participating readers and gained info at every turn. This book, along with Dave's regular insight has enabled us to have been more successful advocates, consumers and more competent parents. We look forward to his input. A MUST read for all who know an "Aspie".

Olga Palmer

Verified Amazon Reviewer

"Wow! While reading the book I realized not only did it lighten my own mood concerning living with a child with Asperger's but it made me realize I wasn't alone! I can now see the humour in some of the incidents we've had and looking back they were rather funny!!! Thanks for making us feel part of a large community of parents and grandparents who learn to live and laugh with our unique children! Ours is almost grown up now and is turning into a wonderful adult!!! Thanks!"